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KNEE HIGH SOCCER SOCKS FOR BOYS & GIRLS : Spoil the little ones with these awesome sports socks that are versatile enough for almost every sport or activity. These colorful socks can be used to represent team colors or to add some sporty colors to any outfit. Whether for school or a league, these socks offer protection, functionality, as well as comfort to the wearer. These socks offer an enhanced feel when compared to typical socks. YOUTH ATHLETIC KNEE HIGH SOCKS : Designed with comfort and style in mind, these socks provide a weightless feel as opposed to heavier cotton socks. Featuring an enhanced level of breathability, these socks allow the legs and feet to breathe while wicking moisture/sweat away for a cooler, drier, and fresher sensation. The socks also feature antimicrobial features that fend off odors and bacteria. CHILDRENS FOOTBALL / GYM / SCHOOL / TEAM SPORTS : Ideal for a wide range of activities ranging from soccer, football, softball, cycling, basketball, lacrosse, little league and more. These knee high socks provide protection to the shins from scraping or when kicking balls. Perfect for school gym classes, team sports, and most activities. Wears nicely with most outfits including sneakers, shorts, sweatpants, cleats, sports uniforms and more. FASHIONABLE STRIPED TOP SPORTS SOCKS : Choose from a variety of colors based on favorite colors, team colors, or more. The referee striped style provides a retro yet timeless sporty look. In addition to being highly functional and versatile, these socks are also very fashionable. Each pair features a control band that provides support and prevents the sock from sagging even in high motion activities. 6 PAIR BULK PACK GIFT : Fits boys and girls shoe sizes 6-10 (approximately ages 12-15 – measures approx. 19 long). Choose from colors as pictured. Makes a perfect gift for children, sports teams, school, and more! These highly elastic socks conform to the legs without being too constricting, providing comfort around the clock. The durable construction is not prone to rips and runs even under harsh conditions. Made with a comfy polyester blend.


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